Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference weekend

This weekend was General Conference weekend which meant that we didn't have to rush in the morning for showers and rush off to church. We watched church on line. Twice a year we do this. It's very relaxing and spiritual to sit in our own home and listen and learn. Check it out here at . We have 5 sessions(2 hr meetings). 3 sessions on Sat(2 for the general public) and 1 Sat night for the men(priesthood). Then 2 more sessions Sunday.

It's wonderful to listen to our leaders from Salt Lake and their inspirational talks. And to hear the music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Just plain a relaxing. The weather hasn't cooperated much, but oh well. We have a tradition on Sat between the first 2 sessions that we go out to lunch. That way mom doesn't have a lot of mess to clean up. Dinner is usually fend for yourself. Anyway, after the first session I was hoping the weather would warm up so the girls could go outside, but it actually felt like it was even colder. Guess fall is coming.

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