Friday, October 22, 2010

Been busy and lazy

I have no excuse for posting other than I just didn't want to. I guess that's a good excuse. We've been busy doing school work, church and and life. I think that's plenty.

Robert and Natasha have been busy getting their costumes ready. The youth are doing a themed costume and they're doing pirates. So of course Robert wants to be Jack Sparrow EXACTLY! He is driving me crazy with all the little details of this guys outfit down to the rings and scars on him. I know he'll look great, but when you have to drag a little 6yr around doing this shopping it gets old really fast. I think we have everything now. Just need to get Natasha her simple stuff. Thankfully she's ok with whatever. So anyway, this Sat they have a Fall fling with some other youth and they'll wear their costumes. Then next Tues Oct 26th is our ward's trunk or treat. This is where church members(and others) back their car(or van trunks) up to the curb and let the kids go trunk to trunk gathering candy. For us this yr this will be the only candy gathering we do since Halloween is on a Sunday. We won't even be handing it out. Thankfully the kids understand this and are fine.

In other news the temps are getting cold. This morning we woke to 32 degrees. Guess my garden is gone now. hee hee It was a good one this yr. Got lots of beans, tomatoes, some lettuce and several yellow squash. 3 in fact. In yrs past we've had 2 or 2 small 2" squash grow but this yr they've gotten to 6" inches and were good.

As I'm sitting here I'm pondering about my weekend. Until last night it would be a regular weekend except the kids getting ready for their costume activity. Last night a friend emailed me to see if I would give the lesson in Relief Society this Sunday. I can't tell her no, but I do know I struggle greatly giving lessons in front of all the sisters who have so much more wisdom and understanding of the scriptures than I do. But with prayer and faith I shall press on.


mommyx12 said...

Hello there Karie. Sounds like you've been keeping busy and productive. Hope your weekend is fabulous.

Karies place said...

Yes, very busy and yes productive. The costumes turned out great and the lesson went wow! The way I did it gave great insights to all. It was on the youth and how we can help them head home in the right direction to Heavenly Father.