Monday, September 20, 2010

Sometimes I can't post

You know there are times when I feel if I post my true feelings, someone who is involved might read and get their feelings hurt, so sometimes I just don't post. Kind of like this weekend. On Sat one of dh's co-workers got married and so we both went to the wedding and the reception. The wedding was very nice. It lasted about 40 min, then a quick receiving line and then home. The reception was that night and again we both went. Now comes the part I'm referring to. I love(most of the time) being around the people dh works with, until they start using inappropriate language. Yes, they were drunk and such, but it just amazes me that people have such limited vocabulary that they have to use such words. I mean bad cuss words. Thankfully it was very limited(twice), but still.

I do have to say that the evening was fun though and I did get to dance with hubby twice. A slow dance(my favorite) and a faster one. It's been way too long since we have. It was nice. :)

So now back to reality and life. :)


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