Friday, September 3, 2010

Seminary and getting up early

My oldest dd Natasha is now old enough to do seminary. This is a bible study type of class that starts at 6am each weekday morning for youth 14 - 18. Some kids meet at their local church, others meet at the teacher's home. Our kids go to her home. She is loving it, but struggling with getting up early. First day was Thurs and she did great. This morning was a bit harder since she stayed up a bit late (10pm) and didn't realize that she would be getting up 7 hrs later. She's used to 10 to 12 hrs. Thankfully she'll have the weekend to catch up on sleep and then be ready Tues again.

I'm very thankful for the teacher she has. Natasha hasn't ever taken any tests since the few I've given her she has frozen and couldn't think. The teacher is willing to let her bring them home and let me help her. I'm going to be asking Natasha how she wants to do this. Let her make the decision. I know it will affect her grade if she doesn't do well. But thankfully she likes seminary so that helps.


Andrea said...

Hey, just stopped by from MMB. Getting used to early-morning seminary can be hard! But totally worth it. :)

Karies place said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it certainly has been interesting for her, but luckily she loves it. Yes, definitely worth it!