Friday, September 3, 2010

A busy day

After getting up at 5:15 a.m. to get Natasha up for seminary, I sat down online and started doing my emails and such. Around 5:30 dh took both Robert and Natasha to their class. Later on, once they were home, around 8:30 we got started on our day. Had the kids do some more review on school stuff. Then after lunch we headed to our local library for a "Greet n Meet". We were getting together with several new and soon-to-be members of our homeschool group. We had a blast. 9 moms came, and each mom had about 2 kids with the exception of 2 moms having several more. So all in all about 25 kids. They played games and colored. The moms chatted and I gave them more info on our group. Had a great time. I did manage to stay on my feet for the entire 2 hrs! Oh were my legs sore.

Came home and got dinner ready. And then relaxed for the evening. Robert has a friend over so they're currently playing the Wii. The girls are in bed. Exh

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