Sunday, August 29, 2010

Changing routines

It's that time of year again where we start doing regular school work again. We did stop all through July due to the holiday and camps. But we did start our devotionals again beginning of Aug. Now, this week we will be doing review work so that next week we can take off from where we stopped 2 months ago.

We have some more structured stuff for Sarah to do since she'll be in 1st grade technically. She was doing some 1st grade stuff last yr, but I'm sure she'll zoom fast. She has some new work books and some other new stuff we're going to try with her. She loves learning and figuring out why.

Natasha has shown me lately that she is very smart. She's very shy at times, but very smart. She knows how to get out of doing some school stuff if she just plays dumb. But I've caught on to her game and am just going to ignore when she does that. She loves learning about science and history so those should be fun with her. Just need to get her excited about math. Of course it's not my favorite subject either. ;/ She's also starting seminary this year. She's a bit nervous about what it will be like, but I told her it was just like Sunday School just much earlier lol. She'll do fine.

Robert is on his last yr of school. I am so not looking forward to this. I know he is, but I'm always worried that he won't know everything he should. I know he'll be fine, but as his mother I worry. This is also his last yr with seminary. I know he actually looks forward to it. I'm looking forward to having our regular routine again which means I can shower before we start our day.

Well, need to quit for the night. Need to get bread machine ready and get to bed. Need to start getting myself ready for the school routine.


CindyMae said...

Getting into the grove of things can be tuff at time but it sure does feel good when it all starts coming together!

Karies place said...

Yes, it can be. But I think they all want it to a certain degree.