Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

Just to set the record straight I do not celebrate Labor Day. Yes, dh has it off and we spend time with friends, but we don't talk about it or do anything special. So anyway, with that off my chest, we did have a fun day though. Church had a 5K run/walk which we participated in. The kids and I all ran/walked and dh stayed back to keep an eye on the small ones that couldn't do it. Robert ran/walked with bishop the whole time. Did well. Natasha ran for a bit with the young women and then caught up to myself and friends and walked. Sarah and I walked with some older sisters. It was nice. I'm very glad I've been walking a lot this summer or I would have collapsed. Took a bit over 30 min. We had a bit of rain, and hail, but still a good walk.

Then had a yummy breakfast of pancakes, bacon, sausage and other goodies. After wards came home and got ready for our company to come after lunch. Our friends live in Madison and have 7 children. We've known this family for 13 yrs. They moved to WI 13yrs ago newly married and expecting. They did move away for a few yrs, but 4yrs ago moved back. So we spent 5hrs with them chatting and having a good time.

Had hamburgers and the works. It was hard to say goodbye, but they had an hrs drive and we had 2 older kids needing to head to bed soon. The next morning I was fine at first, but by 8am my stomach was not happy. I managed to hold off until after the devotional but then it hit hard. All the pancakes(2) and the greasy hamburger and bun didn't hold well. I ended up in the bathroom for about 30 min before I dared emerge. Finally it settled enough to get on with my day. You see last May I decided I needed to lose some weight and so I've taken bread out of my diet(amoungst a few other items) and putting it back in for just a few meals wasn't good.

I'm better today, but need to watch things a bit better. But anyay, our weekend was good. But glad to be starting our school schedule now.

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