Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Latest on us

Well, the weather has finally cooled off quite a bit and the muggy humidity is down a lot. The temp today was high 70's. I even took out my hoody and wore at the park. But overall a nice day.

Our homeschool group is growing pretty well. We now have 4 new members since last month. Not bad. I think we have about 30 members now. Not bad since we just started the group in Jan. We're super excited about the upcoming classes we have. Sept we have an officer coming to talk about internet safety. Oct we have the red cross giving us basic first aid class. Then Nov we have a craft that will possibly be a gift for someone. Dec probably won't be anything since it's close to Christmas, but we might have something.

Our Country Group has 8 countries we will be studying this yr. China is first. I've enjoyed the summer, but it's really time to get back into school stuff. I just need to do some reorganizing of the school room. Just glad Robert will be keeping the girls occupied so I can take the time to do it right. Hate getting interrupted in the middle of stuff like that.

Next week is Natasha's 14 bday. She'll be attending seminary with Robert this yr. Should be interesting since she loves sleeping in and class starts at 6am. We'll see how it goes. :)


Debbie said...

Wow 6 am - that is an early class!

14 - happy birthday Natasha

I too am so happy the weather has cooled! It was way too hot and humid.

CindyMae said...

Happy almost Birthday Natasha! I love your blog and look forward to visiting you often. Would love for you to send some of that cool weather to me!!

The homeschool group sounds like it off to a good start!

Karies place said...

Debbie, yep it is. but with the high schoolers starting their day at 7:30 they didn't have much choice.

I'll pass the word along.

Yes they week again cooler weather.

Karies place said...

CindyMae, Thanks for the birthday wishes. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not always good at keeping it updated, but I try. I loved looking at yours. :)

We hope our group is. It's been fun.