Sunday, August 22, 2010

Doing a bit better

I'm trying to keep up with my blog, but sometimes I just run out of steam. We've been busy lately trying to get in last min fun things before we buckle down to school again. Can't believe summer is almost over and school again. We are always learning stuff, but during July we pretty much stop everything because of the holiday and then summer camps. By the first of Aug we're back to doing devotionals each morning and then the day after Labor Day we get moving serious stuff.

This week we will be one of our busiest close to home weeks in awhile. Mon dh and Robert and Sarah will go bday shopping for Natasha. Tues Natasha will be at a sleep over at her YW Leader's home. Robert will be attending the Brewer's game along with the other youth 14 and up. They will get home late. Wed will be just hanging out at home after breakfast waiting on sister to come home. Wed is also her 14th bday so we pretty much do whatever she wants.

Thurs is a much calmer day, but we do have an afternoon field trip to a honey farm. Looking forward to it. Fri is homeschool day at 6 Flags. Tickets are way cheaper that day. So a few of us families are heading there for the day. Weather is looking pretty good.

Sat will hopefully just hang out at home resting from the week.

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