Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a quick post

Right now we're waiting for the time to start our morning devotional. As we are, the two girls are coloring and drawing. Robert is trying to come up with cheap/free ways of helping to make home movies easier. We're in the process of researching China and the girls get to act out what we're researching which is employment and currency. They will be making a movie of this....I hope.

And today will be a busy day. After the devotional I get myself ready to head out to bday cake shopping with the soon-to-be birthday girl. Then home and research. Lunch and then park day. We're taking some goodies with us to do a pre-celebration of Natasha's bday. Then home get Robert to his meeting point to head to the Brewer game with the youth. Later on dh takes Natasha to her first sleep over with the young women that she hangs with at church. That leaves Sarah and I at home with dad until Robert comes home. Busy day indeed.


CindyMae said...

Busy Busy! I am sure that Natasha is getting excited about her birthday!!!

Karies place said...

She certainly was. She came home from her sleepover with sparkly eyes. By the time we got home from our day, we were all exhausted. But she got a lot of cute things and loved them all!