Thursday, August 5, 2010

Attack of the mosquitoes

For the past several weeks here in WI we have had a major case of mosquitoes. We had major rain storms several times then warm and muggy air. Perfect conditions for the pests. It made sitting outside very difficult since all you were doing is slapping yourself silly. It got so bad that a lot of stores were out of the more popular brands of spray. Well, finally today a nice cool breeze has blown and the mugginess and hotness are gone. 99% of the pests are too. It was so nice this late afternoon to sit on the back porch and not have to keep smacking.

We also had a nice visit with homeschool friends at our local park. Kids had fun and we all enjoyed ourselves. I have one of those friends coming over tomorrow to chat for a bit. Looking forward to it.

We're also slowly getting back into school mode. We've started doing the devotionals again this week. Next week we start doing research on the country group again. Our first presentation is the first Fri of Sept. Wow the summer went by fast.


Debbie said...

The mosquitoes have been just terrible - haven't they! Wow they could carry away a child - they are so thick!

Karies place said...

They are nuts!! Apparently a lot of stores have even run out of sprays.