Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family together

Well, we're all back home together again. Dh and Natasha had a great time minus the hoardes of mosquitoes. Luckily they had a/c cabins to escape to when they weren't doing activities. But overall they had fun. So glad to have them back though because this means that off schedules will be back. Sarah really struggled Wed evening due to being up late at night and missing her sister. She had a pretty good melt down so mom and dd snuggled a bit then found other things to do.

Yesterday dh had off. Didn't make sense to go into work for just one day. So after Robert's driving lesson and the girl's and I doing some last min bday shopping(for a friend) we all went out and watched "despecably (sp?) me. Very cute very funny movie. Then out to dinner at Golden Corral. Nice afternoon and evening. Then home to relax and eventually bedtime.

Today the girls and I get to attend a bday party this afternoon leaving the guys home. Not sure what all they will do, but whatever. Then Mon we start with our school schedule slowly. Natasha isn't thrilled with it, but that's ok we need to get back into it.

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