Sunday, July 11, 2010

The weekend

The weekend has been good. Sent Robert off for his last yr of scout camp Sat morning at 6:30. Dh stayed home this yr. Last yr he barely went. He also went to girls' camp last yr so I think he was all camped out. This yr he's just doing girls' camp. That happens a week from this Mon.

So after dh got back from dropping Robert off we just had a nice relaxing morning. Then off to do some errand shopping to continue fixing our yard. Had a late lunch then home. Got started on the yard and it started raining. Quick hard storm for about 20 min. We were dumping soil onto our side yard and had to stop. After the rain we continued on. Dh also dug out window boxes(can't remember what they're called but they are holes near windows in the basement). Dug out 2 and put in white rocks inside. Looks great.

Sometime this week we'll add the cover that helps keep weeds out and then red burch. We also have some bleeding hearts to add once finished. I'm so excited about how nice our yard looks. It's been fun and has kept me busy.

This week sometime we'll be getting Natasha ready for camp. She's bugging us for a girls sleeping bag so we'll be looking for that this week. She really needs one though. She used dh's old one last yr and well we'll get her a new one.

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