Monday, July 12, 2010

A good day

Had a pretty good day. Started out with off and on clouds. Mostly sunny. Got ourselves ready to get to the library. Finished way sooner than I expected. Headed out since I was also going to meet a perspective new homeschooling mom. She said she had lots of questions that she just needed answered. I think I helped. She seemed really relieved at several of my answers. While we were there another one of my homeschool friends came with some art work to hang. I introduced to two of them.

After the library we headed home and picked up some corn. First of the yr. Not sure how good it will be, but we'll see. Spent the rest of the day just lounging about. I had wanted to go out and buy some more flowers, but was just too darn lazy. And Natasha was complaining of a head ache. Must be growing pains again.

By evening time the girls were watching Myth-Busters
We had dad watching them as well for over an hr. Then bedtime. Tomorrow we'll hopefully get out and purchase some flowers. Then after lunch head to the park. The girls are excited.

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