Friday, July 9, 2010

Scout camp

Tomorrow Robert leaves for his 6th yr of scout camp. This being his first time without his dad. Dh went 5 yrs in a row. Last yr said no more. So tomorrow I'll be without my son for 8 days. I'll miss him even though the girls are home. There's just something about any family member being gone that makes a hole in the house (so to speak).

Then a week from Mon Natasha and hubby leave for 4 days of girls' camp. She's really looking forward to it. I know dh is simply because he's not tied down to one camp. He helps with the whole thing. Last yr they had rain for the 1st 2 days. Soaked a lot of tents and sleeping bags. Our ward luckily stayed dry but others weren't so lucky. Dh ended up at the local laundry mat most of the first day. Poor guy lol

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