Thursday, July 8, 2010

Surprise, it's me again. :)

Hubby is still at work and it's 10:30pm. He's been there since 8am. Long day and evening. Not sure when he'll be home. Usually he's playing some games on his computer so I can't do many blogs since it interferes with his game. So I just wait until later on.

This week has been somewhat busy. Mon was our church's Independence Day activity. Enjoyable. Tues dh took off so we did library, did lunch, watched Toy Story 3, ordered Natasha's glasses, then took the two older ones to an activity while dh and I did more yard shopping. Wed was being lazy day. Today one of our homeschool moms invited us to her place for the afternoon. The kids played in her water slide and played volleyball. The moms just chatted.

Got home and helped ds get started packing for scout camp on Sat. It will be lonely without him, but we'll manage. Then in 2 more weeks Natasha goes to girls' camp for 4 days. July has become one very busy month.

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