Saturday, May 22, 2010

The weekend is here

Well today it's just my dd Sarah and I hanging. Robert, Natasha and Bobby are at a young men's camp out. The boys went up Friday night to campout and the young women went up this morning. Apparently they had about 11 girls that wanted to and 7 boys. Nice turn out from last yr of only 3 girls and maybe 4 boys. Bobby got recruited to help drive some of the girls up there since I have no idea how to get there, and I just can't imagine him having to spend 8hrs with Sarah. He loves her, but she's a bundle of energy.

So Sarah and I are going to do lunch Sarah style(Mc D's) and then do a bit of shopping before coming home and just hanging out. The weather is finally nice again, so we can be outside.

Yesterday we went on a morning field trip to an art museum. They took us on a tour then had a art class for all the kids. Sarah had a blast doing her project. They learned a little bit about Picasso and how he liked doing things. Then they got to do a crazy face for a project. Fun!

After the field trip we dropped Bobby off at home and the kids and I went to our last hs group day event. Group day is where our "group" gets together for an activity or speaker. We had a friends weather man friend come talk about weather and tornadoes. Very interesting. A bit on the long side, but still very informative. Robert drove us there and even offered. I didn't have to ask. He's doing much better, but still a bit stiff. But with practice he should improve.

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