Monday, May 17, 2010

A good day

Today is our weekly day to visit the library. We do our morning devotional then get the books ready to go back. Some days this seems to take all morning and other times it gets done rather quickly. This morning it was done rather quickly, but then our back yard neighbor called to see if the kids were available to pick up sticks. She has a lawn service that wants big sticks off the lawn. She is in her 80's and unable to really bend over so my kids help out and get paid a few dollars.

Once done we headed to the library. While the girls were busy with their stuff, one of the librarians in charge of the reading program stopped Robert to see if he would help volunteer once again during the summer. He quickly responded sure. Even though he's a pain in the butt at home sometimes, he's really a good kid when it matters.

After we were done we headed to get lunch and then home. After lunch I went out and continued getting our front flower garden ready for planting. I was straightening out the lawn to make mowing easier. To be honest it was quite fun. I've been wanting to clean things out for awhile, but never thought I could. Thankfully a friend came over last yr and showed me how simple it is. So now I'm having fun. I then trimmed the new area with some bricks that we had pulled out of the ground 5yrs ago. I knew they would be good for something. So now that is done and just needs flowers.

Bobby sprayed the grass right outside the school room door by the a/c. That lawn is hard to mow so I decided we would just plant flowers there. So he sprayed to kill the lawn and so tonight, after dinner, I went out and started pulling the grass out. Natasha helped me by throwing it all away when got it out. Lot of back breaking work, but we'll worth it in the end.

Tomorrow is park day in the afternoon. I told the girls if they did a good mornings work with school that we would head over to see our hs friends. They love park days so our school morning should be good.


Debbie said...

Hey I was so glad to see you today. Glad you made it to the field trip and hope your family had a good time! It was nice to see you!

Karies place said...

It was good to see you as well. We greatly enjoyed the field trip. I know the kids enjoyed the art class for sure. The church was very interesting. Bobby pointed out to us that the stained glass story of Christ as how they used to teach about Christ because books were rare. Very interesting.

Keep us in mind for future field trips as well as my new group. :)