Monday, May 24, 2010

Our weekend....whew!

It started with us getting up early so all could shower and head out for a field trip to an art museum in downtown. That was fine, I'm used to that. The day was cloudy and drizzly, but we'd be inside so that was good. The field trip was very fun, especially the art class. All the kids were encouraged to make very silly faces on paper. So they did lol

After the art stuff we headed over to a local church to check out their stain glass windows and hear the history of the building. Very cool. Headed home at this point to rest for a bit before heading out to our last homeschool groups group day. We had a meteorologist come speak to us on weather. Then showed up some videos of tornadoes he took himself chasing them. What a nut. Came home and brought another child with us. One of Robert's friends was going on the camp out and rock climbing with Robert for the young men of our church. After dinner we all piled into the van and dropped off the boys to the meeting spot. Went back home and rested for the night.

Next morning Natasha and dh (and myself)got up around 5am so they could join the boys(no co-ed sleep overs). The rest of the day was Sarah and I just together. We did a bit of playing out side, then did some shopping before stopping for Mc D's lunch. Spent the rest of the day just hanging outside. Around 4pm dh and Natasha show up and shortly there after Robert and his friend are brought home. Tired and stinky they were after climbing on a hot day.

Sunday was church. Normal morning of getting ready. Church for 4 hrs(choir before hand) then home for the evening.

So today it's Monday and the weather was hot....92 degrees. That may seem like nothing to some of you, but for WI this time of the yr it's way hot. I'm grateful that we have it, but the mugginess came with it. Did manage to get some yard work done this afternoon. Planted some flowers in my freshly dug out flower garden.

So now it's 10 pm Mon evening and I'm exhausted. Guess the day just wore me out.

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