Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy, busy day

Dh had the day off so he could redo our back lawn. Last yr when we got our patio dug up, we had to put the grass somewhere so we stacked it in the backyard. Well, we didn't quite stack it the right way, but by the time I realized this it was too cold and was going to be snowing. So today he tilled it, the girls and I racked it over smooth, then he re-seeded it and watered. That was a lot of work for him.

Then the girls and I took a break this afternoon and went to our local park to meet some other hs moms. Had a nice visit and even had a nice breeze. The weather has turned to summer humid weather, and even though we like warm weather, this is kind of early for WI. It was 90 today!

Once we got home from the park the two oldest started getting ready for youth night. Robert was going on a field trip with the young men. Natasha went to church with dad and the young women did a fashion show. She told me she forgot they were doing this and were supposed to wear dresses. Oh well.

While the older kids were gone, Sarah and I took a long bike ride/walk and then came home and planted some more flowers. I've been wanting to plant them on a Sat, but with this hot humid weather, they are withering way too fast. But at least with the nice weather we don't have to wear jackets or sweaters which is nice.

Tomorrow just a regular school day(I hope) with an ortho appt in the afternoon. Otherwise it should be a nice relaxing day.

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