Monday, May 17, 2010

My weekend

We had a busy, but good weekend here. Fri, Robert went off with a friend to spend the night, then help out with an Eagle project. Bobby and I took the girls flower shopping. They did a great job helping by picking out ones they liked. Sat I went outside and continued weeding and edging our lawn. When we first moved in over 6yrs ago the lawn was kind of wavy edges. I really didn't pay much attention since we were just excited to have a new home.

Now, 6yrs later, I've finally had the desire to do something. Last yr I had a friend come over and show me how to plant planters. Once I found out how easy it is, I was hooked. I found myself planting flowers everywhere it was possible lol. So this yr, I'm really getting into it and having fun. Yes, having fun weeding and planting.

And while I was doing this, Robert(once he got home) and his dad spent several hrs attaching our antenna to the side of the house. Then we went out for dinner and a bit of food shopping. Weather was great!

Now the weekday begins. Robert is done with seminary for now until next Sept. I miss getting up that early, but so far this morning the kids are still sleeping and it's 7:30. Enjoying it while I can.

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