Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The weather for our area is calling for about 1 to 2" of snow tomorrow. Interesting because we've had such nice warm days recently. But that's why we keep the shovels by the back door until end of May. It won't stick around too long since the ground is too warm. Thank goodness. The end of the week looks to be warmer. So looking forward to finally getting our garden started. Last yr we had a late start. Did ok considering.

Not awhole lot going on. Although I would say having internet issues is something. Our ISP has been having some major issues to the point where we will lose service several times a day. If it continues, I'm hoping we'll switch because this is ridiculous.

I'm also glad my family seems to be on the mend lately. We started out a week ago with youngest dd having tummy flu. Then Robert came down with it last Fri along with dh that night. So far Natasha (oldest dd) and I have avoided it. Thank goodness.


Debbie said...

I am glad you are all feeling better.

Yes can you believe about the snow!! I am glad it didn't really happen. I want SPRING!! Actually I am ready for summer! True summer with 80 degrees and all! We got that glimpse of and I want more!

Karies place said...

I'm just glad not to have to keep wearing extra clothing to keep warm. I have loved being able to go out on the weekends and get my flower gardens ready for new flowers.