Thursday, April 8, 2010


We have had a busy day today. Continued work on our report for the country Indonesia. Then took the kids to the ortho to have teeth checked. Robert already has braces and is doing well. Natasha's teeth and gums are having issues. Her gums on the top are protruding out like a small shelf and are still red. The dr thinks something called invisiline will be what we should use for her mouth. Much more $$ than braces so I had dh come with. They are willing to give us a 30% discount so we'll see.

Speaking of Indonesia. I created a Country Group last Sept for other hs families to learn more about the countries of the world. We have about 8 active families involved. It's been a lot of fun. Unfortunately, our presentation for this month isn't going to be as good since Robert(who does our presentations) was extra busy with driving school classes and then last weekend go the stomach flu. Oh well, we did learn a bit so that's good. Sad country, but it makes you appreciate what we have here despite our current government leadership.


Debbie said...

The country group always sounded so cool! I wish we had time to do it. We use TOG and we have more than enough on our plate keeping up with that. I wish there were more days in the week!

Debbie said...

Ortho, ortho, ortho - isn't it fun!!!!! We have two that have ortho going right now. Both of mine needed to start early as they had jaw alignment issues -- the teeth being straight were less of a concern - although they will get fixed too - my husband has TMJ and so jaw issues are a huge concern!! So both of mine have two phases they have to go through --- just think $$$$. But TMJ is so bad - we have to do it.

Anonymous said...

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Karies place said...

Debbie, we're always here should your schedule change. :)

Dh hs the TMJ as well. So far none of our kids do, that I know of. Robert used to be a thumb sucker so that's what made his teeth bad. Natasha's teeth just happened on their own to be a bit crooked.