Monday, April 5, 2010

Been too quiet

I've been trying to come on here more often, but something always seems to keep me from my daily writing here. We are doing lots of things. One thing that does keep me from posting in the evenings is my husband plays a game that requires lots of "energy" for lack of a better computer term. And since I have access to the computer at home most days, I feel it only right to let him play his games and me do other things. I'm still on line, but doing lots of reading and such. Never hurts.

So a bit about things lately. We've had tummy flu here the last week. So far only 3 out of 5 have had it. Crossing our fingers that myself and Natasha stay healthy this time. Not a fun to watch or have to endure(I'm sure).

But for something fun, my son Robert has started his behind the wheel driving course now. Apparently he did very well. He was certainly nervous at first, but due to listening and following instruction during class time, he was able to know pretty much what to do. I'm proud of him.

And spring has come. Winter wasn't too bad and really wasn't too long. But it's always nice when spring arrives and brings all the color back. Now to get our garden planted soon.

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Debbie said...

I am thankful that mine won't start driving for 2 more years. I don't think I am ready for it! Plus I really don't want to share my vehicle!