Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yes, it's me back to blog land. lol I keep trying to come back and at least read others blogs, but lately I just haven't had the desire to post. However, I think lately, someone above thinks I need to start again. It seems most of the games on face book don't like the game my dh plays online. So everytime I try and play a game, dh comments that it's taking a lot of energy(I know not very technical) so I have stopped playing most of them at night and have taken to at least reading blogs again.

Guess I should catch you all up on what's been happening. Hopefully I won't repeat what my last post said, but if I do, that's ok.

In July we had Independence day happen. Then we started getting ready for scout camp. Once that was going on the girls and I just hung out and stayed up late. Did shopping and girl things. We had fun.

8 days later the guys came home. Just in time to unpack and sort through stuff and get ready for dh and dd to go to girl's camp. Sat was unpacking and loading the washer. Sunday was church and sunday meetings. Mon was buying our minivan(took a bit over 2 hrs) then off to shopping and dinner. Tues was last min shopping and dropping dd and dh off at the church to head out.

4 days later they came home. By this time, youngest dd is starting to feel tired and left out. She wants daddy and sister home. But most of all she wants the new mini van home lol. They come home tired but good. Dd wanted to go back, but has adjusted well to being home.

Aug has been just trying to get started with school again. Not being very successful, but trying. We did get our history books and ds got his new math book, so we're ready for Mon when we Officially start school again.

I'm not sure I've mentioned this, but now I have 3 callings. Ward bulletin, calendar, and now ward music chair/chorister. This means I choose the songs we sing in Sac and keep the calendar updated so we know what's up and do the program each Sunday. WHEW!

We've also just recently celebrated oldest dd's 13 birthday. She is so excited and loved her gifts, especially being able to be on face book. Yes, another member hooked now lol.

And this weekend ds went on a canoeing trip and seemed to have more fun this time. Last yr he went and had an in-experienced heavy boy with him and they just couldn't seem to get going. This yr he had someone who knew what he was doing. Ds still managed to fall into the water, but had fun.

So, I hope I can continue to do better with posting. As long as the games continue to bother dh's game, I'll have to come here :)


Tricia said...

Well look who's back. Really good to hear from you. Look forward to more posting.

Karies place said...

LOL I know, but it's hard to leave all the games and chatting on face book. Thankfully I have a dh who(like I said)plays a game that requires lots of energy so since I have time during the day to play, I figure I can do other things in the evening. :)