Sunday, August 9, 2009

The weekend

Last Thurs we received our long awaited side by side fridge. It was supposed to come a week ago last Sat, but we had to send that one back due to a dent in the side. So anyway, our new fridge comes, dh is at work so it's my job to inspect. Not something I like doing. Everything seemed ok. So I had then bring it in. They had to take off the doors to get it in. Ok no problem. Then trying to get it in the kitchen seemed to be a problem. They were about 1/4" on either side to big. It would mean taking off the molding. I suggested that they use the kitchen door around the side of the house, but apparently they didn't like that idea.

So I told them to just leave it and dh would take care of it. They didn't seem to impressed since they were professionals. Whatever. Dh comes home and starts trying to squeeze it in. Not working. So he ends up taking the molding off of both sides of the door frame. Still not working. Well, to make a long story short, dh and ds haul this fridge back out the frontdoor and around the side to the kitchen. By this time it's about 45 min of figuring this out. After several attempts, and taking off the hinges, dh and ds FINALLY manage to haul the fridge in the kitchen. WHEW!! Over 2 hrs of this job.

Then he has the job of putting the doors and such back on. Ok no biggie. We still have the old one being used. The next day I'm in charge of cleaning the new on and putting the food in it. Fun stuff. Kids are super excited. This fridge has a water, ice and chopped ice machine. You can imagine how much water in on the floor in front of the fridge.

When dh comes home, he find the temp waaaay to high for both sides so the kids are instructed NOT to open either one until we get home from a church activity. This means NO ice pops or punch. They are to drink water. Well, we get home and the temp is lower, but still not as low as we want. But at least the food is safe. I give each child a drink of punch or milk before bedtime. They are grateful. Dh tells me that the next day he wants to take the old one out to the garage. Ok

Sat morning it's pouring so we have to wait until it settles. Then dh and ds take the old one out. Not nearly as hard. Takes about 20 min. Then dh decides to switch the screen door that is on the kitchen door(hardly gets used) and put it on the school room door. School room screen door got broken. Glass broke in April and screen part got torn apart in July. So now we have a newer door that works.

So this weekend has been super busy. So glad it's over with. :)


Debbie said...

All these types of projects take time but isn't it nice when they are done!! Our back screen door got ripped by our dog when he was a puppy and by our youngest who saw a small hole - and decided to 'make it bigger!!' Isn't that fun! This summer we purchased new screen doors for the front and the back. The front was just rotting away. It was time to get them replaced. We hated to spend the money but it was so nice to have working screen doors. Prior to this the screens weren't much of a screen - any thing that lets in large birds isn't a screen in my book!!

Hopefully you will have more fun this coming weekend!

Karies place said...

No, I'd have to say that having a hole that large definitely isn't a screen any more lol