Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seminary starts again

So this means ps start again. We tried starting beginning of Aug, but kind of floundered. This week we've done much better. Ds is done with his math book from last yr and will be starting his new math tomorrow. He is super excited!

Dd N will be starting to do math in her work book now instead of just work sheets. She's ok with it, but would rather just do educational stuff online or face book lol Yes, everyone in my family is on face book except my 5yr. And she really doesn't care. lol

And as the title suggests, tomorrow is the first morning of seminary again. Ds R is excited but dh is not looking forward to getting up that early again. I like the early morning simply because it gives me more time online with little or no interruptions AND I get to shower(most mornings)without kids bugging me. :) This means we get to start out morning and not be interrupted with mom having to shower, thus no one really doing their school stuff.

Not much else happening. Cooler weather has come again in the mornings, but my noon it warms up. It feels like fall and summer are arguing. lol

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