Monday, June 1, 2009

First day of June

Today was a good day. Back to our weekly routine. Weather was nice and overall good day. Did some school in the a.m. Then dd N and I took off to the library to drop off and pick up. Chatted with the head librarian. They are the nicest people. Ds R helped supply the library with books and such for his Eagle project, and the librarians have always been grateful.

Did lunch and then errands. Stopped off at Walmart for some much needed capri's. One set has air conditioning in the back and 2 others are colored so I can only wear them with certain colors. Also picked up some snacks for the kids. Headed over to Joanne's fabric to see if I could find a summer wreath. Found something even better, patriotic wreaths and other decorations 50% off!! I was in heaven. Found 3 or 4 items and only spent $25.00

Came home and got settled a bit. Eventually went to pick up dh from work. Had dinner and played with the girls. Eventually bedtime 8:30. The evenings are staying light, longer, so I get a few more protests from the girls. Pretty soon we'll be up even later. Not sure I'm liking that lol. There's goes my time. ::sigh:: Oh well, kids don't stay little forever.


Emma said...

I know what you mean about the evenings staying light a bit longer! When I'm at work and taking care of the kids, sometimes it's really hard to put them to bed since it's still a little light outside. Hopefully you guys don''t start staying up too much later! :)

Hope all is well!

Karies place said...

With summer around the corner, I don't mind too much them being up later. As long as we're outside running out of energy. Then, when we go inside, the kids are too tuckered to do much and bedtime is a bit easier. :)

We are well.

JADs Mama said...

Hi Karie!
I think I fixed my blog - it should show up in your dashboard now. :)

I didn't know capris had air conditioning in them...what kind are they?

Deals are so cool! I am glad you found some good ones!!!

I deactivated my Facebook account because I was spending too much time on there. I am able to work on my blogging more now. :)


Karies place said...

Vania, Good. I missed seeing your posts.

The air conditioning was in my behind lol. I don't what the brand is. I just found the cheapest kind.

Yes, facebook is very addicting. I spent most of the day on it. Had to finally get up and do something because no one was talking to me lol