Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Such a nice day

Today we stayed home and tried doing school work. Managed to get math in, but that was it. For some reason the kids just didn't have it in them to do other stuff. Oh well, life goes on and we do other stuff.

On the other hand, ds R did clean up his room. It took 3 hrs but now it's about 95% done. What a mess. He did manage to vacuum up some 1" pieces of cardboard, thus blocking the suction. Dh has to take it apart and dump out the stuff. This was done AFTER I was trying to vacuum our room and ended up melting a small edge of our comforter in the vacuum EEKK! Oh well, just the belt is ruined so we don't have to get a new vacuum.

After all this was done, the kids were tired. That is except 5 dd who was still very hyper. She greeted dh this way and was quickly told to settle. So after dinner I sent all 3 out to play. They were out there for 45 min. I think it worked.

While they were playing, I was on facebook. I finally figured out how the farmtown works and have been trying to get it going. Taking time, but it's working. I'm actually becoming friends with some of the moms in our homeschool group that normally wouldn't talk much. It's fun.

Later on in the evening I had the 2 older ones take showers. We're headed on a field trip tomorrow and I didn't know if we would have time for 4 showers before we go.

Bedtime happened eventually and now it's my time. Ahhh

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A Place To Dream said...

I'm enjoying getting to know you a little too. Facebook is fun