Friday, May 29, 2009

Today was a bit more calming

We didn't go anywhere, just did school and cleaned up. Started school a bit late so everything was further behind. Did accomplish math so that's good. Got a shower, that also helps. Watched a few science videos then lunch. After lunch I had the girls go out and gather the sticks that had fallen on the grass and then ds R mowed. The front lawn wasn't too bad now that it got mowed last week, but the back lawn was 12".

As we were taking care of the lawn, we saw one of our neighbors out taking care of their lawn. And older semi-retired couple. Very nice people. Chatted a bit about their tree that just got trimmed a bit, the went our way.

After the lawn was done, the kids played outside for a bit. Did a little bit of dishes then spent time outside with the girls. Eventually went back in and did some church work online. I'm responsible for the bulletin/program each Sunday and getting it ready each week can be a challenge if I don't have all my info. Thankfully everyone has been a big help.

Eventually got dinner started and continued cleaning. Dh arrived home with groceries so we all helped. Had dinner then cleaned up while they played games. After a bit they were getting way loud and boisterous so we all went for a walk/bike ride. Just what they needed.

Bedtime around 9pm. Nice and quiet just dh and I on our computers lol


Shauna said...

I saw the word "CALMING" and I came right on over :) Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥ HUGS ♥

Karies place said...

lol I hope your weekend is calming as well. Thanks for visiting AND commenting. :)

Becca said...

That is so funny the grass was that tall! Takes forever to mow when it is overgrown! I should know!

Karies place said...

LOL yes, Thankfully our lawnmower is very powerful and chopped right through it. Had lawn issues, huh. :)