Friday, May 29, 2009

Lagging behind ooops

Guess I have forgotten to say anything lately. Just been busy and then get lazy. Not like I haven't had anything to say, I just got lazy.

Sunday was church. Nothing in particular. Mon was Memorial Day and our ward had an activity for the morning. We met at a local park, had the scouts do a flag ceremony(my ds got to lead everyone in the pledge). Then a patriotic song by a couple, congregation sang America, the Beautiful. Then one of the older scouts played tapps(sp?) and that made me cry thinking of my mom. I know, I know, we're supposed to think of those who died for our country, but it still got to me. A moment of silence was followed to think about those who had died.

Then the guy in charge says he wants 10 and younger of the kids to collect trash from the park, and 11 and older to help spray the the ground where the water drains(still too early to think). While others handed out flyers explaning what they were doing. Then we had lunch and chatted, then home. The rest of the day was spent quietly at home relaxing.

Tues was 2 days in one. Since Mon was a holiday we couldn't go to the library so we did on Tues. But school came first, then dd N and I scooted over for a bit to pick up a few things. Came home to get kids for lunch, then back home. That afternoon I dropped ds R off at a friend's house along with other youth and they all went to a Brewer's game(baseball for those who don't know). They wouldn't get back until 10pm.

Picked up dh and home for dinner. 6:30 sent dh and dd N off to church for their activities. Home around 8:30. Dd S and I just stayed home and played. 10pm a leader calls for us to come get ds R. Kids finally in bed around 10:45.

Wed we would normally go to park day, but it was raining and drizzly, so we rescheduled for Thurs. Then Wed we did school work and housework. Nothing special. Dh did have a scout meeting that night. Wed just came and went.

Thurs took dh to work. Home to start school. The day was still cloudy and a bit windy, but we were still bent on the park. Had a bit of a rough morning getting kids to do their school work, but it finally got done. I also had them write letters to family. AND after 4 weeks of waiting, ds R finally sent out a few of his Thank yous to neighbors for their cards from him becoming an Eagle. Due to my mom passing a few days after his court of honor, we didn't have time to do the thank yous.

Arrived at the park around 1 and only 1 other mom. So we sat and chatted for a bit when more moms came. Total of 6 moms maybe. One of the newer moms only lasted a bit. One of her kids injured his arm so off to the ER. She posted later on that he was fine, just a sprain.

Left the park, dropped off ds R and dd S at home to pick up dh with dd N. Arrived home and got dinner ready. After dinner I had an Enrichment meeting to attend. Stayed from 7pm till 8:30. Kids ready for bed and then the evening was ours.

So I guess I had stuff, just got too lazy to post. Hope you all will forgive. :)


Tricia said...

Well I hope that's the reason. But if it is I am sure they took advantage of it. Do you know how many cars can line up when someone is having a party?? Drinking, loud music, and such!! Whatever the "reason" I still have to believe it's just one more way to "attack" Christians. What say you??

Tricia said...

Man girl, your schedule is crazier than mine. I don't think I could keep up!!

Karies place said...

Tricia, who knows and I certainly do too. And yes, you certainly make a valid point. I would much prefer a weekly bible study than a noisy drinking party. I didn't mean to step on your toes, I just wanted to let you know what else I was hearing about this story. Alot of times we only hear one side and I just felt you should at least hear another side. But yes, another attack on Christians for sure.

Karies place said...

Thankfully it only happens once in awhile, but that's about all I can hanlde. lol