Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fools jokes anyone?

So did anyone pull any pranks, or have any pulled on them?

We seem to have this yrly prank each yr the past 4 yrs. Dh has pulled it every yr for the past 4 yr and we STILL get got. He puts elastic bands on the sprayer in the kitchen sink and then leaves for work. The first yr ds got wet first, then later on(forgetting to take it off after discovering it) I got wet. Every yr since then mom gets wet. So this morning I'm sitting with my back to the sink and ds comes in, turns on the water and waits. Nothing. I didn't even know what was happening. Let me explain, in the winter time I wear a 2 regular sweaters then a jacket type sweater over that. So a total of 3 sweaters. As the water is getting me, I'm so covered that I don't feel a thing. Ds keeps trying to get my attention. Finally after 5 seconds or so he turns off the water and says "Mom, didn't you feel the water?" Ahh what water? It then dawns on me that my back is soaked. We both laugh. I then call dh and tell him thanks for the April fools joke. I decided to take the elastic band off after that so I wouldn't get a resoaking lol

So tell me your pranks that were pulled. :)


Krissa said...

Oh gosh...that is funny!
I think if I did that here someone would get upset! I would love to try it though...
My friend had her pregnant sister take a pregnancy test to give to her husband, they have a 4 month old and she is giving him a positive pregnancy that idea!

Tricia said...

We are too boring. We did think about it but couldn't come up with anything good.

Ginger said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
The only prank I had was an email from my d.i.l. saying they weren't coming this weekend, they decided to go the beach instead. She knows I am anxious to see my grandson.
I wrote her back and said Good, then I don't have to clean the house. lol. She was only kidding...