Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So tired of sickness

Yesterday I got up and felt very tired. I thought it was because I had stayed up too late the night before. Well, as the day wore on I could tell it wasn't just that. I started feeling really tired and just a bit shaky inside. By evening time I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. So around 9:45 I had had enough and told my dh I was headed to bed.

I woke this morning still feeling a bit shaky but ok. But at the morning wore on I found myself with a bit of a cold and wanting a blanket on me. I told the kids we would have a light morning of school work and then they were on their own. The morning stretched out since kids kept finding excuses to head to the kitchen. Finally at 11 I just said NO MORE! As I'm sitting down with ds to correct his math, my doorbell rings. I was puzzled. I get to the door and it's my visiting-teachers ARGH!! I completely forgot they were coming. I did warn them I wasn't feeling great, but they insisted so I let them in. They ARE very sweet sisters.

After they left, I got a call from my visiting teaching companion asking me if I have reported our visiting teaching. Haven't had a chance, so she says she will.

By this time it's lunch and pretty much the kids have lost interest and I'm done. So it's lunch. After lunch I head to the couch with instructions for the girls to go play quietly and ds to work on his report from dad. Not sure how long I was snoozing, but I felt a bit better. I'm hoping this will be the worst because I just can't get sick. Isn't that what ALL moms say?

Around 4 I tell the kids we need to get laundry started, garbage collected and ds showered. I start dinner while all this is happening. I then sit down to the computer. I guess I lost track of time because next thing I know dh is home. It's 5:30!! We help unload the car of packages and then chat with dh. After a bit dd S asks for dinner. I go to check on it and it's not on. Our toaster oven has been acting up lately. Some days it works great but some days it needs a boot to the butt. So we end up with ham(warmed up on the stove) and pasta.

After dinner the girls head outside to play, I snooze again on the couch and dh and ds head to the computers. By 7:30 the girls are done and wanting warm chocolate milk. Apparently it wasn't as warm outside as they thought. :) By 8pm it's quiet time so they head upstairs to get ready for bed. By 9pm they are ready to go to bed. Ahh now it's quiet time for dh and I.


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