Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to make a 3 column blog

I have had a few people comment about wanting a 3 column blog and wondered how I did mine. I found a blog with instructions on it and had ds(coding expert) try it out. He said it was almost perfect except one line. So after correcting that one line(I'll point it out in the coding) it worked. It works for all back grounds. Now mind you I said BACKGROUNDS and not templates. A different template will cause confusion or change back to 2 column. Also, before I foget, you will need to put your template back to bloggers minima for this to work(don't know why). I would also suggest saving any widgets or such from your blog that you want saved. That way you can add them afterwards.

Anyway, I'm going to copy and past this persons instructions along with the line that needs to be deleted from your background. Hope this all makes sense.


(edited to say) apparently I can't add html coding, so if you want to know what line to delete, make a comment with your email or contact info, and I will send you that part and delete your email address.

That part needs to be deleted. Can't remember the terms for it, but ds says this set of instructions matches what this blogger did to her blog, not what most bloggers do. Everything else is correct. If this still doesn't help you, please make a comment and I will send you my own html coding that ds did and hopefully that should work.


Dana said...

I'm leaving a comment here rather than on the something good page because I just spent an hour on both blogs trying to get this and apparently I stink at HTML cause it didn't work. If you figure it out let me know, k?

Karies place said...

Dana, I'm going to email you the part that needs to be deleted. Then try. If it still doesn't work, I'll have my ds try for you.

Penny for your thoughts said...

I would love to do a 3 column blog but i'm confused what do you delete of my background HTML??
could you ledt me know thanks