Saturday, March 14, 2009

A stomach bug

Sorry I haven't posted much, but our family is still going through this stomach bug. It hit my youngest dd 1 week ago on Thurs night. Last Tues it hit ds and then this past Fri around 3:30am it hit my oldest dd. I think while helping her it finally made my stomach churn. So while she was sick one way, I was sick the other way(actually my preference). Thankfully ds was here to help out with youngest dd who is now completely better and wanting someone to play with.

This morning oldest dd is now able to drink small amounts of white soda. This is the turning point of getting better. Now we're just waiting on daddy. He's so not looking forward to this. Can't blame him though. It is definitely NOT fun.

Well one good thing about this week is last night dh, youngest dd, and ds went to the stake scout award night(this is where all the areas scout groups combine to receive merit bades) and ds was told he had 3 badges coming(they forgot them). Also, his Eagle award has finally come in, so now ds needs to talk with his friend, who also received his, and see if they want to do a combined Eagle ceremony or separate. I'm guessing separate since this boy is just glad to be done. Which is fine with us.

It's now time to end this. Here's hoping for a better week next week. This last week we got no school done. Of course the kids were thrilled this.


Tricia said...

I sure hope ya'll start felling better soon. That's such a bummer.

Karies place said...

Thanks Tricia, it certainly has been. Oldest dd is now on the mend. She's been able to drink white soda and eat crackers and so far so good. So it's 4 down, 1 to do.