Monday, February 23, 2009

Start of a new week

This morning I got up at 6 to take dh to work. There was no seminary so he didn't have to get up as early. Left to take him to work at 7 and arrived back home 7:40. Both girls were still snoozing so it gave me time to have some breakfast. Youngest dd S woke just as I was finishing breakfast. So we cuddled for a bit. Around 8am went up to get dd N, but she was being stubborn. Finally got her up around 8:20.

Started our morning devotional around 9 then called my aunt and talked for a few min. We were discussing my grandma's stuff that is up for grabs. Since I'm not there (in Ut) I can't come and see what I want. So I asked her to look around and see what stuff would be ok to send to me. This has been very hard on her since it was her mom who passed away. She was 94. She was active until the last few months when she continued to stay sick.

After I got off the phone we left for the library. Purchased a few more videos then headed towards the children's section. That's when dd N noticed one of our friends from church sitting on a chair reading. She looked up and greeted us. So we chatted for awhile. Finally I invited her to come up with us so we could continue chatting while I picked up stuff. She has been sick with pneumonia and was finally starting to feel better.

After we got our books and such we headed for lunch. Came home and ate then rested a bit. By 2:30 I kicked the kids out to play in the new snow we received on Sat. They did mostly well with a few fusses of snow in the face. By 3:30 they were done.

4pm I give dh a call to see if he's ready. He sounds really busy so I let him go quickly. I then receive an email that it might be awhile. No problem. Then several min later I get a phone call from him. He's escaping and needs me there asap. So off dd N and I go. When we arrive at his work, he looks awful and is coughing. As soon as we arrived home he heads upstairs and is snoozing away.

The kids and I relax, snack and goof around. 6pm we all fend for ourselves with dinner. 8pm time to settle down with prayer and calming down time. 9pm time for girls to turn out the light and go to bed. Ds on his way soon. So now it's just dh and I. ahh

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