Friday, January 30, 2009

The weekend once again

It's Fri evening and the kids are upstairs reading till bedtime. Dh is watching "Lost" that he recorded. It's been a relatively quiet, but good day. If you read last night's post you know that dh was still at work at this time. He had worked all day Thurs and then got home this morning at 5:30am, just in time to take ds R to seminary. And because he had worked more than 2 days worth, he came home afterwards and went to sleep. Poor guy. He was exhausted.

While dh slept, the kids and I did school. They did really well and ds got most of his math correct. I think he's really turned a corner and is realizing he CAN do this math.

At noontime I woke dh up. He needed to do some errands. Unfortunately he also has a quick conference call with co-workers for 45 min. While he did that I sent the kids outside. The sun was out and melting the ice. They were outside for over an hr.

The rest of the afternoon was dh doing errands and the kids playing. I fixed dinner and we all relaxed and watched some cartoons. By the way, the cartoons the kids are watching is on a new channel called QUBO. We get it with the new digital tuner we have to have to watch tv. The cartoons have morals to them, so I allow some to be watched.

So now I sit here typing waiting for the kids to come down. I might end up having to go up and put them to bed. I'm hoping for a better night's sleep and I'm sure dh is also.


lorie said...

I sure hope you got some sleep last night! I so don't function well on no sleep, so I probably shouldn't have stayed up last night getting all of the giveaway posts ready!!

Thank you for adding my button to your blog. Now you can enter each of the giveaways (one every day) by commenting that you have my button on your blog. You can also enter again by answering the question in the post and a ton of other ways!

Thanks again!

Karies place said...

I did sleep better. Thanks for asking. I'm used to getting only 5 to 6 hrs, but 1 or 2 more on a Sat sure is nice. :)