Thursday, January 29, 2009

End of the day...

and dh is still at work. We both hate these days/nights. Thank goodness for emails or he would be calling me a lot.

Today was a good day, better than yesterday, at least for me. Yesterday I was so tired and by late afternoon felt like I migh have a bit of a stomach ache. I was able to snooze a bit, but not much. We did school, then noon had lunch. Afterward the girls went off and played for a bit and ds did some computer stuff.

Today we got started, then amazingly ds was finished with his math by 10:45! That has NEVER happened. And he only missed 5. Not bad. I was so proud of him. Dd N is getting better as her math, although she still has times when she just can't concentrate, or can't remember how something is done. But overall both kids are improving.

After math we read some Story-of-the-World, then each one wrote a letter to grandma. I don't make the kids do much writing since most things are online, but I do insist that they at least keep a good practice on it.

Lunch time came and the kids were glad to eat. I have to admit I was a bit hungry myself.

After lunch I was reading some emails and got the one from dh stating he would be awhile, maybe all night. The rest of the day was me folding laundry and getting dishes done. Kids doing computer stuff and playing.

So now I sit here, kids in bed all asleep (except ds) but getting there, and emailing with dh. Guess I'll be going to bed soon, but will miss him.


Tricia said...

Thank goodness for emailing!! Isn't technology great. I love your new bright look. Very uplifting and cheerful.

Karies place said...

Tricia, yes indeed, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to contact him as much. He arrived home this morning just in time to take ds R to seminary. He looked wiped out.

Thanks, yes, I needed something to make me feel better and not so cold. I can look out my window and see snow covered ground. So I decided I needed something else. Glad you like it. :)

JADsMama said...

Hi Karie!
E-mail is a true blessing isn't it?!? I don't know what I would have done had I not had e-mail when Eagle was gone! :)
I think it is so cool that you have your dc write letters on occasion. That is one thing that has been lost with all of the technology and such. :)
We are heading to Atlanta tonight so I will catch up with you Sunday or Monday!! Have a great weekend!

Karies place said...

Hey Vania,
It truly is.

As for letter writing, I don't make them hand write much since most things are done on the computer, but, as I've mentioned to my ds many times, what happens when the power goes out. Of course he always has a smart alec answer.

Besides, my mom(grandma)loves hearing from them. She lives in Ut and were here in WI.

Have a great time!