Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ok laziness has to go

Ever since the Christmas rush ended, I have become very lazy even in blogging. So I guess I should at least try and post again.

We have, at least, started school again. It has gone pretty good considering we were out for 3 weeks. At least the kids haven't complained about it. I actually think they are glad to have a structured schedule again. Even if it IS school work lol.

I also, still have decorations up. But the tree got put away in the box. I do need to go through the box again and re-arrange them a bit. I also have all the boxes upstairs so we can put the stuff in them. Unfortunately, with getting up so early again, and spending our morning and early afternoon doing school, by the time mid afternoon arrives, I have no energy to go through the boxes and put things away. Especially since my youngest dd S likes to "help". I do try and let her do some stuff, but other things require mom to do only. So I have to decide, tomorrow, whether we'll do school again, or just get the house undecorated. I know what my kids would say, right ds! lol

One thing that wasn't really good was our relatively new breadmaker(bought in June of '08) broke just before Christmas. We think it was the motor. So we have not had any homemade bread in several weeks. I think we've had a good break from it, but I am definitely missing it lately. So if anyone has a good machine to recommend, please make a comment about it. I especially miss it since my teenage ds R goes through bread like crazy. Before the maker, he would go through almost a whole loaf of bread on his own in one day. So I need a new one.

Going on to talk about weather. We're supposed to get about 4 inches between Fri morning and Sat morning. Maybe even more. Guess ds will be getting more muscles shoveling. Ds keeps hoping that the part for the snow blower we bought will be the part that is indeed broken and that it will get here soon lol. I do know this yr I haven't minded the snow as much since ds R has been the one to mostly be shoveling/snow blowing. Last winter during Dec '08 I had shoveled so much that by the end of Dec my back decided it had had enough. So dh made me stay in and have ds go out and do it. He actually does do a good job.

Well, that's about all I have for now. I'll hopefully post tomorrow evening about whether we did school or undecorated lol.


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