Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The last few days

have been kind of lazy. I haven't wanted to do anything. My house is still semi-decorated. I was going to try and take down the tree, but ended up doing other things. I just wasn't in the mood. So Mon afternoon, while dd N and I were out doing some shopping, ds R and dd S took all the decorations off the tree and proceeded to take down all the tinsil when we arrived back home. So at least now we're half way there. But the house is a mess! This is the part I hate the most. Thankfully I have some kids who like to "help" mom with things. So tomorrow afternoon(after we get our morning studies in) I'm going to have the girls(maybe even ds) help take down the rest and vacuum. I just need my house clean again.

I've been also trying to get into the school mode again, but it's kind of hard when I've been up since 5:30 (seminary) and didn't get to bed until midnight. Guess I need to get to bed sooner since sleeping in, isn't an option until Sat. At least the day went pretty good. The kids balked a little bit at doing school, but overall not bad for having missed the last 3 weeks.

Sunday was our first Sunday of the year doing the early schedule. We have 2 wards (congregations) in our building, ours and the other one. So to make it fair, 1 yr we do 9am, the following year we do 1pm. I so love the 1pm since we have 5 of us getting ready. The 9am means getting dd S bathed the night before and then me getting up at 5:30 so that all 4 of us can shower by 7am. Dh has a meeting at 8 so we leave by 7:30.

Anyhow, life is slowly getting back to normal. I think the kids are ready for it since they were starting to argue about even the little things. Even mom needs structure again. :)

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