Friday, January 9, 2009

I DID IT!! :) :)

I finally got most of the decorations down! WHEW!! I told the kids this morning that we were going to do just a small amount of school, then they could have free time for a bit. Then mom needs to get decorations down. So by 11am school work was done, and ds R decided that he would take the girls outside and get the driveway shoveled. That way I could start on the frontroom. It took a lot more time than I bargained for, but after a bit, I got it. What a mess!

After a bit the kids came in and helped me out. Turns out that was good thing (mostly) and got things done much quicker. I think because I just wanted the house cleaned and not so much help. All that's left is the lights outside, but that can wait. My floor is vacuumed and the shelves are clear of Christmas stuff. I do still have my nativity sets up, (we'll see how long dh allows them up and my snowmen(it's still winter you know), but time to get out my regular stuff.

On the education front, ds R has been creating from scratch a bible game for kids. I had heard talk from some friends online that their small children (ages 4-8) were bored on Sun since they weren't allowed on the computer. Well this gave me an idea and since ds is into game making I decided it would be a great money making venture as well. So he's already started on the Old Testament. It's looking great!

My oldest dd N is really starting to remember the higher times tables. She still gets frustrated easily if she can't remember every answer, but I do see improvement having bought Even my 5dd loves to read these very short stories.

Well, tomorrow is Sat and time to sleep in. AHH at least I hope so. I love having some quiet time to myself each morning(5:30am) but I also cherish my rest. So I'm hoping for at least 7am, but 8am would also be nice. :)


Tricia said...

5:30 a.m. Are you crazy. That's the middle of the night!!! Bless your dear heart. What gets you up at that time?

Idaho Sutters said...

Good Job! The feeling of a clean house is the best! I've found when my house is cluttered (a house can not be more cluttered than at Chritmas time with the endless decorations) my brain is to and I can't function until the house it taken care of. ply

A Place To Dream said...

We got our stuff down early because I thought baby #3 would be here by now. But alas baby needs more time to bake! Last year I don't think I got it all down till Feb!!!

Karies place said...

Tricia lol ds R is 15 and has seminary at 6am. So I get him up and downstairs, then dh takes him. So I figure(since I am mostly a morning person)that it is a good time to get stuff done online. I have evening time, but sometimes I don't always get everything done then either. :)

Karies place said...

Idaho Sutters..thanks! Yes, it was kind of hard taking everything down, but it was all kind of in the way of life now, so I decided it needed to go. I LOVE the Christmas holiday and what it's all about, but like you said, the house does get cluttered. :)

Karies place said...

A Place to Dream... lol Last yr we had to attend a funeral out of state, so we left everything where it was. So when we got back a week later, what a mess. That was even harder to take down.