Sunday, January 11, 2009

The weekend

Well, Sat was a sleep in day. I so needed it. My dd S woke me up around 7 and I told her to climb in and cuddle. She agreed and we both got another 1 1/2 hrs of much needed sleep. We both finally woke at 8:30 and then I was ready to get up. Ds R was already up on the computer since 7. Dh stayed asleep till 10 and dd N stayed asleep until 9. So a really quiet morning.

After everyone was up and ready for the day, I had the kids go outside and play in the snow. They had fun and this time stayed out for over an hr. While they were outside, dh went out and took down the lights off the house. Ds R helped out and kept on eye on dd S since she wanted to stay out and dd N didn't.

Around 3 dh and I discussed our plans for the rest of the day. We realized that we were in need of some food and other necessities, so after cleaning up some more, we then headed out to do some errands. We first stopped at Walmart to pick up some nice folders for ds R to put his additional presentation papers in (Eagle) and other stuff. Then stopped for dinner at our favorite chinese buffet place. Then headed to Sam's club for the rest of the food. Arrived home just in time for dd S to get a shower and then watch a bit of cartoons before bedtime. Church starts at 9am, but dh has his weekly meeting at 8am, so we have to be ready by 7:30am.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early at 5:30 for me. First to shower, so I get up and proceed to try and get going. Some mornings not so bad, other times argh! This morning I was getting ready to shower when dd S woke up and came in. I told her to go see daddy, but she wanted to stay in the bathroom. Oook. After I was done I tried convincing her to cuddle with daddy. Still not wanting to. So once I was dressed we headed downstairs to give her breakfast(chocolate milk). She always goes back to sleep after this, but she still wasn't wanting to snooze. It's going to be a long day. lol Once everyone was up and showered we headed to church. The copy machine is now working and so I was able to make copies of the program again.

The rest of church was normal stuff, however afterwards there was a meeting for ALL scouts ages 12 & up and their parents to introduce a new way of doing some of the old stuff. Lasted about 45 min then headed home.

Lunch and then tried to snooze. No such luck. Dd S was soo tired that even simple play was hard to do. Finally after trying to solve several problems in an hrs time, I told them to come down and watch cartoons. This seemed to be the solution for now. The big solution was just to put dd S to bed. Not happening since it was still 4pm.

Finally, after having just cuddle with dd S most of the evening, she settled. We had dinner then watched Extreme home make over home edition. Then bedtime. She was so ready and so was I. I'm thinking that within the next bit or so I'm headed to bed as well.

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