Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have a few min

I think getting into the routine of getting up early and being up late has finally gotten to me. Mon we went to the library, did our stuff, came home and just vegged. This weather has just been too cold to go out and play in. That evening we picked up dh and picked up ds R Sunday shoes, me some tenny shoes, and some other odds and ends. Swung by Little Ceasars for dinner and headed home.

Tues was our normal busy day. 7am take dh to work. Start school around 8:30. Be done with journal, math and history by 11:30. Take both girls to youngest dd's art class that starts at 12. It goes for 40 min. Head home around 12:45 and have lunch. Leave home around 1:30 for dd N and ds R's art and gym class. Be done with that around 3:40 and head home. Kids start showering while I head out to pick up dh. Get home in time to fix a quick dinner of spaghetti. Now most times at this point the whole family would head to the church, but this past Tues our bishop was having a movie night for the young men, so ds R was being picked up by someone so we left with the 2 girls for the church.

Arrived at church for the girls volleyball practice. Had a friend call home to see if ds was still home. Apparently he was, but he didn't recognize my friend's voice so he didn't pick up. He ended up calling the bishop's house and having bishop pick him up. Very disappointing for him.

So while at church dd S and I are walking the hallways and she's occassionally running the hallways. Around 7pm dh has a meeting so dd S and I are just chatting with other parents. Finally around 9pm dh is done with his meeting. Everyone else from our ward is gone. We get home and find ds home from his activity. He was very disappointed at how things went, but as I've told him before, sometimes life gives us disappointments, we just have to go on.

So today we didn't go anywhere just stayed home and did school. However, I found myself VERY tired and having a hard time staying awake. Finally finished most stuff around noon. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up and doing laundry.

Around 6pm we had dinner. Dh arrived home around 6:30 and decided he needed to attend this scout committee meeting at the church, so off he headed. The kids and I just kicked back and watched tv or did computer games. Around 8:30 got kids ready for bed. Dh called around 9ish that he was headed home. Dd N and ds R were still awake so he said his good nights. Dd S was out cold.

So now it's about time for bed and I'm tired. Hope everyone is well.


JADsMama said...

Hi Karie!!!
It is nice to have a "veg" day isn't it?!?! I love it when I have a day to just not "do" anything or go seems that life just stays busy and the older I get the more busy it gets. lol -
Have a great Thursday!!

Jennifer Fink said...

I hear you! Too many non-stop days are just exhausting! Today, thankfully, is a quieter day for us. In a couple min., I think I'm going to pop some popcorn and settle in to watch Colonial House with the kids.


Karies place said...


Oh yeah, need them more than getting out of the house. Now getting my kids outside is another thing lol. But with the weather we've been having, there hasn't been anything to do. We have icy snow and, until today, below teen temp. BRRR

Karies place said...


Colonial house sounds interesting. I'm assuming on pbs or DVD?