Friday, December 19, 2008

A snowed out day

When we all went to bed Thurs, we knew there was snow coming, but weren't sure just how much. When we woke up this morning at 5:20 to get ds up for seminary we checked online to see, and sure enough ALL schools in the county were closed. We didn't even bother waking ds R for this. Dh and I went back to bed and then dh woke up an later to snow plow. We had 7 inches in our driveway, and it was still snowing. I came down around 7 with dd S wanting her chocolate milk. As we came into the kitchen, I had her look out the kitchen window at daddy snowblowing. He saw her and waved. It was too cute since she was still half asleep, but smiled.

The two of us went into the school room and snuggled with her drink. She then fell asleep as did I. Dh came in around 7:30 and I woke up just in time to get some breakfast for myself. Eventually dd S woke up and found me in the kitchen. We then went up and woke the other 2 kids up. By now it's 8 and it's still snowing. Dh is not going into work this morning since the snow plows still haven't come so he can't drive the car in that deep of snow. He thought he might end up at work later on though.

The morning was then spent slowly getting ourselves up and awake. After ds R had time to eat and go online, he headed outside to do some snow blowing. The job dh and just done was all covered in snow. lol

Eventually the girls wanted to go out and play so I had them bundle up. Surprisingly, even with the chilly wind blowing, they still stayed out for over 30 min. After a bit, they knocked on the door and asked brother to come out and play. So he did.

Awhile later they both all came in and had lunch. The girls played after that for awhile and then wanted to go out again. I told them that was fine since I was going to go out and shovel as well. Dh was doing work at home and was currently on a conference call with about 10 other people. So I shoveled the sidewalk so the postman to find us. Ds R proceeded to shovel out the driveway entrance and just as he had it mostly done a snowplow came around the corner and pushed another 12 inches in the entrance. ARGH!! I know we need them to plow, but they sometimes frustrate me HOW they do it. So ds R attempts to clean up this mess when they rolled around AGAIN and did the same thing only a higher pile now. By this time I couldn't help but laugh. Ds R was not amused.

I, eventually, went inside. My back was starting to act up and I didn't want to end up ON my back. Dd N came in with me. Ds R and dd S stayed out for another 5 min. Then, they too, came in. We had some snacks and then I decided to make another batch of Christmas cookies. The kids were really getting hungry and wanting to eat them. I finally gave in and gave them one.

After dinner, I had visiting teaching AGAIN. Normally I don't schedule my visits like this, but next week won't be good and the week after several of the ladies will be gone. I think dh is tired of me being out at night, but hopefully this won't happen often.

After I got back home, I settled with the girls for a bit, then we had prayer and bed time. It's been a long and good day, but I will be glad for my pillow tonight.


Tricia said...

I thought this weather brought great shopping opportunities. We just knew the stores would be empty today so we decided to go. We were wrong, they were still crowded!!

Amanda said...

Ya gotta love snow days!! :-)

JADsMama said...

LOL - yes, I am playing the "catch up" game on my blog. It seems as though this time of year always gets busy...:) I miss the snow but at the same time I am grateful I don't have to drive in it. It would certainly feel more like Christmas if it were snowing here, but I can't complain..the Lord knows all and has done all for a reason. lol :) Blessings and hugs!