Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wed & Thurs

Wed found me attempting to shower after dh left to get ds R from seminary ,but finding dd S coming in to cuddle. So I decided to shower later on.

I told the kids that I was going to do some more baking and such after I got out of the shower. By the time I actually got to the baking it was way after lunch. Oh well, at least it got done. I did manage to get a few more batches of divinity made, and the kids haven't touched it yet, so that's a big plus.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the kids going outside for a bit, then back in to warm up.

That evening after dinner I went out do so some visiting-teaching with my companion and then back home. Put the kids to bed and relaxed for the evening.

This morning I managed to get into the bathroom to shower, when dd S woke up and waited in the bathroom while I showered. We then went downstairs and cuddled until she fell asleep. Dh and ds R came home awhile later with groceries. Dh then had his conference call and then headed to work.

I had the kids do some school work today since I felt they were kind of goofing off. So math and history were done. I then needed to get dishes done before any baking, but by the time I did that it was 2pm. So I kind of walked around the house seeing what needed to be done. While doing this the kids were outside again playing in the snow. They lasted about 30 min before coming in.

At this point I'm deciding that I'm going to see if the baking chocolate I have melts in the microwave. IT DOES!!! This makes doing my cooking TONS easier. I don't have to have a double broiler anymore. Now if I just find the almond chocolate. The stores were out of it tonight.

While I'm making the chocolate chocolate, I get dinner started. Lasagne. The kids love this. It take awhile but worth it.

Around 6:30 I get ready to do more visiting-teaching Dh is out shopping so I leave my phone on so the kids can call if they need me. Turns out they had the wrong cell, my old one. Oh well dh got home about 15 min before I did, so all was well.

Put kids to bed and am now relaxing here. :)


.... said...

Oooh, I want some cookies...will have to try that!

Micke said...

Thanks so much for the friendship. I will be posting a lot. I am hoping that it will pass fast. I just want to have him back with us here at home.