Friday, December 26, 2008

A pattern is emerging

Well, it seems that December has been a busy month for us. With getting ready for our annual Christmas party from members of our church, to just getting ready for Christmas in general has taken a lot out of me. I had to keep remembering WHY we are doing this and try not to get all complicated and such. Sometimes it worked and other times not so well.

For Christmas our home gets mobbed with decor. I LOVE this time of the year. Aside from Easter, this is my favorite holiday. My dh tries not to complain too much since I don't decorate for the other holidays. So he just puts up with 1 month of excitement.

Some of the things we do are making goody plates for some of our neighbors. If we did all our immediate neighbors, we would go insane. So we just try and do the ones that we associate with most of the year. That makes about 7 or 8. This year, as I was trying to get cookies and such made, my kids would try and sneak them. I ended up having to make several batches due to this. I did try and make one batch early on in the baking just for them, but they still wanted more. lol

And our shopping was quick this year. We didn't even get started until 2 weeks before. Dh had constantly asked me what the kids wanted. I was so busy trying to get ds's eagle report done that everything else just went to the side. It's FINALLY done and he did get a list to dh. Of course, now that ds R is older, a lot of his gifts had to be bought with his knowledge. He did have some surprises, but not many.

The girls are still fairly easy to buy for. Dd S is 5 and so that was the easiest. Dd N is 12 and so she's in between dolls and finger nail polish, playing and helping mom in the kitchen. A very uncertain time in her life.

For us to shop for dh this yr was a total of 2 hrs tops. I usually get 2 or 3 shopping opportunities to get his stuff, but this yr 2 hrs tops and that was in one shopping trip. I think we did pretty good considering, but I would have loved to had more time. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.
Now that Christmas is over with, we can relax and really think about Christ and his birth. I've seen several different nativity videos in the last few weeks and I'm glad. It helped keep the real meaning alive.

I did manage to get out most of our cards this yr. But they didn't go out until Mon. I did send my mom's card out last Fri or Sat so hopefully she received it before Christmas. I'll be sending out the last few today since I don't want to waste the cards. Besides, most of these cards belong to the people who actually sent us cards. Dh and I were going over the list the other day and we realized that lots of the people on the list, haven't given us a card in several yrs. Some are family and those we just send to anyway. But some are friends, but since we haven't heard from them in awhile, I have taken them off the list. If I hear from them next yr, I'll re-add them.

Well, the kids are up and about, so I need to end this post. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was nice and mostly quiet(loudness thanks to my 5dd lol). Hope to start blogging more consistently again.

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