Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quiet day

The last 2 days have been very nice and quiet as far as outside activity is concerned. I, soo, needed to stay at home now and have some quiet time to get some stuff done. So, yesterday, we did some school work, then got to work on getting dishes done and laundry started. The frontroom floor was vacuumed again since Mon. Most of the day was spent just cleaning up and putting laundry away from the last time I did launry.

We did some more crafts after lunch. Then did some more cleaning. Around 3pm I get a call from dh that he's involved in some major stuff at work and probably won't be home until late. Nothing unusual but definitely not what he wanted to have happen.

Dinner time came and then another phone call. Still late and not sure when. So we did more crafts and then watched tv. Around 8:30 I told the kids time to get ready for bed. By 9pm dh calls and says he has "escaped" work and is now in the parking lot leaving. So he was able to be home in time for prayer. What a tired guy.

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