Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another quiet day

Just like I needed and wanted. Dh had his conference call then he headed to work. Got the kids started on their school work while trying to stay awake. Ds R was making crafts in between doing in math. I tried not to make much of a fuss since he hadn't made any at all. The girls did their school work while he did his. By 11:30 we read our history. I was starting to get a bit tired after reading the first chapter, but still felt we could go on. After starting into the next chapter, ds R tells me I must be getting tired because I'm starting to mumble. I declare it's now lunch time.

By this time I'm starving, which was kind of funny since it happened rather suddenly. But as I was eating I discovered that I got filled up rather quickly. Then my stomach started feeling weird and I felt very tired. I sat at the computer trying to read some stuff, but finally gave in and laid my head on the computer desk. Apparently I was very tired since I snoozed for about 30 min. Guess all the busy stuff we've been doing over the last week finally caught up to me. When I awoke, ds R teasingly asked me if I had a good sleep. lol Very funny. But it took awhile before I was able to get myself going again. I still needed to finish the dishes and the laundry which I had started yesterday. Managed to get up and get a few things done while still in a stouper.

After a bit I got myself going and had the kids doing some clean up as well. Got a load of dishes going and went up to fold more laundry. Finally got all the baskets upstairs put away so now we all have clean laundry IN our drawers and closets where we can find them better. lol

Around dinner time dh calls to say he's picking up some food items and do I need anything else. After we chatted he hung up. I proceeded to finish getting dinner ready and the house kind of cleaned up. It's not too bad yet, but we'll see how long it stays this way lol.

We had pork and noodles for dinner. Nothing too exciting. Dh arrived home and we helped unload groceries. I'm hoping to make cookies either tomorrow or Sat. Dh then snoozed on the couch for a bit while the girls played and I finished my dinner. Dh still needed to head to the church and accompany someone on the piano while they sing. This is a lady who will be singing at church on Sun

While dh was gone, the girls came down and did one craft. We only managed one since dd N had a small breakdown of tears. Seems she couldn't figure out something on the craft and was upset. Finally got it done and sent the girls off in the other room. They decided it was time to snack and watch some school tv.

Bedtime comes and dh comes home just in time for prayer. The girls go read for awhile, then time for lights out. AHH!! Quiet time once again. :)


Lorie said...

Gotta love quite time!!

Karies place said...

Oh, yeah especially after the past week.

Jess said...

lol... moms need to have nap time some times... otherwise we might lose our snaity... you know that which hangs by a small thread most days... lol...

Sorry there was no snow yet... and glad you all got to relax and recoop from your busy week!

Have a great weekend!

Karies place said...

Yes, Jess exactly! I'm partially insane most days, but sometimes I am tittering. lol

We're expecting snow this weekend so we'll see how things go.

JADsMama said...

Yea!! Karie's back!! :)
Sometimes mom just needs a nap in order to continue on the day. :) It is good you had a day to rest! :)
Blessings and hugs,