Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Backed up again

Well, I guess I shouldn't be so surprised seeing as how it's Dec. I'm not going to do a day to day, posting right now since, we'll that would be waaaay too much. I will give a quick overview of the last week or so.

Last Sat was our wards Christmas party, plus we had a baptism that dh was asked to attend. We also found ourselves with a bunch of snow that morning. So dh and ds R were outside for an hr snow blowing and shoveling. Then fixing our broken garage door. The plastic mechanism broke. Luckily dh found a place that sells the item and was able to fix the garage in 20 min. Both guys were very happy since it had meant the last 4 days of manually closing it in the cold and snow.

After that was fixed, dh came inside and prepared to paint one of our dining room walls. We were having our annual Christmas party on the following Mon and this wall had some scrapes on it that needed fixing. Once that was done, dh prepared to leave for the baptism and would stay for the Christmas party. The kids and I would join in later at the party.

It was a nice party, the primary (similar to Sunday school in other faiths) put on the nativity with songs. Very nice. Then Santa arrived with his jingle bells. They did something different this yr though. Instead of having Santa's wife help with the pictures, the activities committee had a new member who is a photographer by trade. So they brought in their equipment(unbeknownst to Santa and wife) and got ready to take pictures. Nice idea, but Mrs. Santa felt a bit out of place. Fortunately, a few families started giving her their camera to also take a photo and that helped a lot. Considering the photos they other guys took didn't work out. Or I should say, the picture was wonderful, but they didn't wait until we were all looking at the camera. So we have 1 photo of dd S blinking and the other two smiling. Then dd N was talking to Santa and the other two smiling. Then, when the whole family was allowed in and we were trying to get adjusted, they didn't wait and just took one with dh and I looking down at where they wanted ds R to be. So it looks dorky. Oh well, guess we didn't want one as a family with Santa anyway.

Sunday was just church, but we stayed a bit later so dh could practice piano accompaniment for one of the sisters. Then dh had a quick meeting, so we left about 45 min after church ended. Pretty typical though.

That evening we watched the First-Presidency-Christmas-Message for an hr. Then put the kids to bed.

Mon was spent making a quick trip to the library and then back home to get the house ready for our party. Busy, busy, busy. Poor dd S was so sad that mommy wasn't paying much attention to her. I would give her an occassional hug, but then had to do another chore. Finally 5:30 arrived and I had to head out to pick up one of the families. The dad had the only car on a business dinner so I picked up the mom and kids. We had 4 families come and enjoy making crafts and snacking. Then, an hr later, we started singing Christmas songs. We didn't have as many singers willing to sing a lot so that only last 30 min. But then some of the kids went back to do more crafts. Over all it was a nice evening.

Tues dh had off and was wanting to do some shopping, but due to the snowy and icy weather we've been having, he choose to stay home. The kids had their art and gym celebration day so we all went to that in the afternoon. Later that evening we got ready to head to church for the older kids' classes at church. Once we got there, the snow plow was just getting there so we had to wait 5 min before we could get to the parking lot. Once in the kids went about their stuff and I played with dd S for a bit.

We finally left around 9pm and the roads were fine. We were told there might be ice, but we had no problems. Arrived home a bit after 9 and put the kids to bed. Long several days and we all really need a stay at home couple of days.

A special thanks to my loyal followers who have waited for me to post again. :)



Jess said...

I think it only normal to not have something new EVERY day.. lol.... it means you have a life off the computer... which is good .. as that provides the material for your blog... lol....

Glad to hear you had fun at your party... sucks about the pic with santa tho... we are doing breakfast with santa this sat.... it should be fun... =)

Karies place said...

lol sometimes new is good, but like you said, sometimes we need the same old stuff so we can regenerate. And boy did I have stuff for my blog lol.

At least the party was fun. And you never know how things are going to go unless you try. :)

Tricia said...

Sounds like you are busy. And while your dh is painting your wall he can come over and paint mine. It still has our 2 year olds black magic marker art work. It almost looks like the trunk of a tree and my dh said when I do the family tree lesson with the kids this year I can just do it on the wall-finishing Mary's tree she started!!

Karies place said...

Well, we were. Now we're just hanging around trying to catch up with the household chores.

LOL on painting your walls. Oh boy, black magic marker, not good!

LOL on tree. Might as well do something with it. :)