Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One year ago today

my dad passed away. I received a phone call message from my younger brother around 11pm stating dad had passed away at 6pm in the evening. I'm not quite sure how to feel other than still sad. At least now I can look at photos of him and not get all teary eyed. Or at least I can look for a min before I have to look away.

I do miss him terribly, but I also know that someday I will see him again and that does help a bit. I love you dad!


Tricia said...

Be blessed tonight Karie.

JADsMama said...

Oh Karie!!!
You are in my prayers, especially tonight!!
Lots of hugs!!!

Karies place said...

Thanks guys! I did ok. I still miss him greatly, but was able to go through the evening without any problems.